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Your Hyderabad Reviews Page is all about my experience and knowledge about Hyderabad City.

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  • Just got back from Hyderabad? Did you fall in love with the City?
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I would love to hear about your best experiences, your most interesting information on Hyderabad, your top Hyderabad travel tips... anything about Hyderabad that you'd love to share.

What do you like about it? What do you dislike? What do you think about all the rapid development and where they are headed? Thoughts on the government? The people? Buildings? Roads? Traffic? Hotels? Restaurants? and anything...

Our readers are dying to know what you loved and disliked about Hyderabad as well as any travel tips. Your comments are very valuable.

This page will be fully opened to you, our community in the near future. It will be a place to share and discuss various matters related to Hyderabad. I will also be launching a full-blown Hyderabad forum and a Hyderabad Classified Ads section if you want to buy or sell anything.

Looking forward to read your reviews and story on Hyderabad. Let other see Hyderabad through your eyes.

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Hyderabad - a city steeped in history - by Abhay Bakshi, Mumbai, India
My visit primarily was to see the "Treasures of Ancient China" at the Salar Jung Museum. The same exhibition was in Mumbai for 2 months but I had missed it. Salar Jung is an impressive and had an imposing building.

All Seasons Restaurant Review - Best lebanese food in Hyderabad - by Raunaq Khan, Hyderabad, India
All Seasons Restaurant fairly a new place tried it was very satisfied with the lebanese spread they had. Very impressive service and decent ambiance and quiet reasonablly priced. Loved their samak hara (fish) and mashabhi mushakal (platter with lots of variety of kababs and minced meat rice).

Angeethi Restaurant Review - Superb buffet in affordable price - by Meenakshmi Chaudhury, Singapore, Singapore
The decor is set as Dhaba in Punjab. The menu card is like a newspaper. Very interesting. The names are also fun to read. Food is very tasty. Maybe a little pricey if you go for a la carte. But buffet is superb. From Chanch to Dahi bhalle to veg curries to biriyanis-non-veg curries to malpuah. Total Paisa wasool.

Hyderabad Beats - I just love this city as I am working in this city. I am staying in Hyderabad, though it is not my native place. - by Farhathullah Khan, Hyderabad, India
In the night just beat yourself with its typical and fast beating nightlife like experiencing wild pubs and bars with tremendous DJs, electrifying dance floors and lots of cocktails up to the wee hours. All I can say that just come to Hyderabad and experience its different BEATS 24X7=365.

Ruined roads of Hyderabad - The MCH people start the work, dig the roads and bring their machinery etc... but suddenly they disappear like anything - by Rubina Shaheen, Hyderabad, India
Though I love my city Hyderabad very much but the only thing I don't like about this city is the way the MCH (Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad) persons work. Recently in my society some road construction work started i.e on 20th July 2010, till now the work is not completed..

Hyderabadi Haleem - Hyderabad is known for its delectable haleem, which is available only during Ramadaan - by Pallavi Racherla, Hyderabad, India
Hyderabad is known for its delectable haleem, which is available only during Ramadaan. It is a mainstay during the holy month of Ramadaan. This traditional wheat porridge has its roots in Iran (Persia). The ingredients are wheat, lentils, lamb, spices and ghee and sprinkled with lemon juice and/or spicy masala to adjust flavor to the taste of the eater.

Mera Hyderabad - I have just moved to Hyderabad say some two months ago. Here are some of my interesting observations about Hyderabad - by Tabrez Nasar , Hyderabad, India
Hyderabad is where you have plenty to explore but need a lot of money. Hyderabad is where you have the famous Charminar but people go there not for the monument but for the street shopping experience which is aplenty but one ends up buying nothing. If you are not scared of crowds, it is a great place to be in the evenings.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with delicious cakes from "Love Cakes Bakery" located in Sikh Village, Secunderabad- by Malathy Shastry, Hyderabad, India
LOVECAKE is a small place near Secunderabad for cakes. We had biryani at Secunderabad's best biryani joint and my friend Kanchan wanted to show her favorite baking joint. And boy, LoveCake was not just great taste but also a great variety with unbelievably low pricing. Ask for sugar free and Egg less cake and they make a whole lot of them too. For a small joint like that, LoveCake serves cakes all across Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

My recent visit to the dream destination "Ramoji Film City" had changed my perception of the place completely. - by Ajay Reddy, Secunderabad, India
The luscious gardens, fountains, landscapes are a viewers delight. One of its only kind was experiencing the Magic behind movie making, then the stunt shows enthuse us like never before. Best of all is we have stay packages in two of the finest hotels namely Sitara The staff are caring, gentle, entertaining and prompt at attending anything to everything.

I am in Hyderabad now. Too much disturbance in Hyderabad - by Connie, Atlanta, GA, USA
Disturbance in Hyderabad - Because of the riots over the separation of the city, I have been going to work and hotel everyday. I have not been outside of the roads that lead from Novotel and ...

My Strange City Hyderabad - By Masroor Fatima, UAE
Hyderabad, despite being my native place was a stranger to me! I live all my life of 22 years in UAE. Didn't exactly know about Hyderabad. I got married in Hyderabad and there i started knowing...

Our Sunday in Old Hyderabad - By Hena Faiz, Hyderabad
Our Sunday in Old Hyderabad - Just last weekend I rented a car and took them to Chowmallah Palace and the Nizam's museum. Chowmallah was very nice, entrance for the 3 of us with camera cost 95 rps.

Winner of 'November 2009 Contest - 4 FREE Tickets to Ramoji Film City'.

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