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I started this website as a PASSION and LOVE for my Hyderabad city. After adding few pages, photos and videos on this site, I started receiving many emails from visitors like you.

All messages contains suggestions and compliments to improve my website.

These emails really helped me in improving my website on Hyderabad City.

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I sincerely thanks everybody for their kind words...

I promise everybody that I will definitely work on your suggestions... Thanks once again....

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Thank you very much for your information and your web-site. I am going to visit Hyderabad because of the International Astrophysics Congress which takes place in Hyderabad this year, as I am payed by my university I cannot remain in your city for many days, so I would like the most important monuments, I have just a pair of days. I would like to make you a few questions about buses, do you know where can I find a map with the routes of all buses? Is there a bus especially for tourists? Is easy to find an auto-rickshaw? I would like you to recommend me a good place for internet. Thank you very much for your help. For improving your web-site: I think that it will be more useful if you offer some technical details, such as the direction of the monuments, the price of tickets and timetable. Unfortunately those details are nor easy to find, nor even in specialized guides of India.

--- Susana Lopez Mohedano

Hey please try and get me some information about the NGO's in Hyderabad... it would be nice if u included those in ur site so that people who are interested can donate to orphanages and old age homes... that will be of great help... thanks...

--- Krishnaveni

Excellent site to see... I would like to appreciate you for creating this site and it is really a good site in terms of finding information about historical places in Hyderabad. But I would recommend you to add one more place i.e Badeshahi Ashoor Khana quite opposite to Madina Hotel on the Nayapul-Charminar Road, which is a very important place and it is really a master piece from historical point of view. This monument was built by the rulers of Qutub Shahi Dynasty along with Charminar and this monument is really a master piece of Iranian art work built on a very vast area.

--- Mir Saif Ali Moosavi

hi, i really like your site and its very fantastic. 6 times and 6000 time superb.

--- Syed Zaki
Saudi Arabia

I am in our Indian Army. I have seen almost all the cities of India. Our Hyderabad is really very cute and no doubt very beautiful in all aspects. So Mr. Zubair, you are really doing very good job to highlight our Hyderabad city. Keep it up, well done.

--- Salman

I am trying to locate email address of one Ameenuddin Khan Shafee. Last information I had is that he was in charge of Chowmahallah Palace. He is my long lost uncle. Your help will be invaluable.

--- Syed W Hussain
United States of America

Hi Zubair...Great work. Your site and the info provided is very good. Neat, tidy, and very professional. I belong to Masab Tank area, Satya Apartments lane - and it was so nice seeing the familiar pictures of Hyderabad. I loved the Secunderabad railway platform picture - old memories etc. Please try to add pictures of the city life - Koti, Abids, Nampally, the new flyovers and probably the new airport. Great and nice info - keep up the good work. Thanks Zubair bhai.

--- Samuel
New Zealand

I really appreciate your passion and love and those lovely pictures. Being a Hyderabadi and away from home is especially hard. But when I see those pics I felt good for a few minutes. I appreciate your taking time to put up that info on this site. Excellent job. It is a strange thing that I find you on the internet with a wealth of information about Hyderabad. I was raised as a kid in Masab Tank. We used to live behind the Post Office next to the Masab Tank. We sometimes used to cross the tank and get onto the road to go play cricket in Vijaya Nagar colony. I went to St.Anns school there.

--- Muktesh
United States of America

Thanks Zubair Bhai.. for creating such a wonderful site......I am a Hyderabadi but settled in Rajasthan...for last 15 years......but its nice to see the place in your site......love the videos........my family still live in Hyderabad in banjara hills road no 12. Can u add some more pic of the current Hyderabad devolopment coz i haven't visited the city for last 10y ears ...thanks Zubair Bhai... I'll be in touch

--- Saleem Khan
Rajasthan, India

I should say "Good Job". Very good site for all Hyderabadi lovers...please keep it up.

--- Pradeep S
United States of America

Hello Zubair, With all due respect, I believe your website is awesome. It has information to the very detail on each topic, be it cooking (recipes)to real estate (HEH). In addition, I like the concept of putting pictures and videos of various locations. Although originally from Hyderabad, I never actually saw any historical monument, etc., but I believe I don't even need to move away from Detroit; ITS ALL HERE!!! I wonder how much time you spent on this website, it SURELY marvelously paid off. Your doing a great effort, you should actually get to make this like the official hyderabad informational site! Take care.

--- Suhail Zaheeruddin
United States of America

Dear Zubair, Thanks a lot for the worthy information about Hyderabad. I had great fun visiting this site and seeing the pictures of our long history and the monuments. Please include some pictures of Falaknuma Palace and Salar Jung museum too. again, great job on the wesite and information.

--- Sangeetha
United States of America

Your website is a marvelous piece on the net to learn all about our beloved city of Hyderabad. I really appreciate your efforts and zest to provide the comprehensive details of all aspects of Hyderabad's historical, cultural and cosmopolitian values to the global visitors. I am sure you will keep it updated on timely basis to provide up-to-date information of public interest. Your valuable efforts and contributions must be highly recognized for a remarkable work you have so far rendered. Keep up the excellent work.

--- Mohammed Abdul Rasheed Khan

Dear Zubair Thanks a lot for your commitment for HyderabadPlanet. In fact this is an effort to bring all Hyderabadis around the world to be in touch with our roots. I will suggest you to add the page "Hyderabad News" providing news about Hyderabad from various newspapers English, Urdu and Telugu and TV channels. It will help all Hyderabadis outside India to visit HyderabadPlanet on a regular basis.

--- Saif
Saudi Arabia

Just an interest to know about life in Hyderabad. I have lived in Coimbatore (Tamilnadu) all my life and then Bangalore for 4 years. Currently I stay in Chennai. Right now I have an idea to relocate to Hyderabad if I get a chance. Thank you for making my search about Hyderabad easy. Best Wishes. Good and Informative. Was easy to navigate and go through.

--- Pushparani

Assalamu Aleikum, I like your site, mashallah you did really a good job keep it up, and I am also a Hyderabadi and your site help me to show other non Hyderabadis about our city and your recipes help us a lot.

--- Roma
United States of America

Salaam Alaikum Zubair. I really appreciate your time and effort that you have put in for this site. Your site is informative and I was pleased to learn the growth of Hyderabad. Please keep updating the videos and pictures. Keep up the good work. YOU Rock !!!!

--- Mirza
United States of America

Dear u done a wonderful job. I am in Dubai working as an Accountant. Here I met different citizens, I want to show them how my city Hyderabad is. Your site was a only way to go for that. Thanks, u did a great job by showing my city to other citizen. I am feeling very proud.

--- Aamir Alam
United Arab Emirates

Hello!Zubair,I found ur site very intersting,its awesome!u really did a great job no one even thought of such a work.u put a great effort on to this ,I believe u'll held up a gud position in the future,I hope u'll succeed in this work.thanks for a lot of worthy informations.I really had great fun visiting this site.THANKS A LOT!!!

--- Abdul Khayyum
United Arab Emirates

Hello Dude, i am basically from kurnool and lived in Hyderabad for 8 years..and meroko dekhe acchalaga ki aisa informative site hai Hyderabad pe...great going...

--- Narendra

hi, This is quite informative... very useful..

--- D.S.Murty
United States of America

Hi! I really like ur work of collecting Hyderabad photos & videos. Well continue ur process of gathering, may God bless u.

--- Rubina
Hyderabad, India

This is a good web site. Keep up the good work!

--- Srinath
United States of America

Thanks Zubair 4 providing such a nice website. keep it up, its a remembrance 4 especially those who expatriates who stay far from from the home place.

--- Salman
Saudi Arabia

Your website is very usefull and enduser friendly.

--- Veersamy Ilangovan

Hi Dude, you made all Hyderabadis proud by having this comprehensive information website for tourists & others to know more about our city.

--- Uzair Khan
United Arab Emirates

Well done. I like your website. The videos are good enough...I enjoyed them. I wish u success in future.

--- Sitaramaraju

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