My Strange City Hyderabad

By Masroor Fatima, UAE

Hyderabad, despite being my native place was a stranger to me! I live all my life of 22 years in UAE. Didn't exactly know about Hyderabad.

I got married in Hyderabad and there I started knowing the place. And after seeing the city from I-Max Centre to the new City Centre, the old city Charminar, Laad Bazaar, the new city, its hotels from Shaadab restaurant to Niagara, the cool restaurants in City Centre my best....i came to know how much i feel towards the city and feel it miner!

I now love the place feel at home and will be again going to visit in next month.

But, the only place I haven't and couldn't see is the Ramoji Rao Film City!

Please get me there I'll be visiting Hyderabad next month!

Masroor Fatima

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