Ruined Roads of Hyderabad

By Rubina Shaheen, Hyderabad, INDIA

Ruined Roads of Hyderabad:

Though I love my city Hyderabad very much but the only thing I don't like about this city is the way the MCH (Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad) persons work.

Recently in my society some road construction work started i.e on 20th July 2010, till now the work is not completed and all of us are facing the problems, we are unable to go out when it's raining & kids are facing problems while going to school & even I'm facing, I'm unable to reach the college on time. There is a lot of traffic too which is irritating us very much.

The MCH people start the work, dig the roads and bring their machinery etc... but suddenly they disappear like anything. We are making calls & there is no response from them.

By this message I wanna inform all the city lovers that though its a greater Hyderabad but the laziness among the Govt. employees will surely make our city fall down to Earth.

Rubina Shaheen
Hyderabad - INDIA

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