Hyderabadi Haleem

By Pallavi Racherla, Hyderabad, INDIA

Hyderabadi Haleem:

Hyderabad is known for its delectable haleem, which is available only during Ramadaan. It is a mainstay during the holy month of Ramadaan. This traditional wheat porridge has its roots in Iran (Persia).

Even today it is served for breakfast in the homes of people living in the Barkas area of Hyderabad.

The salted variety is popular during the month of Moharram and Ramadaan. The high-calorie haleem is the perfect way to break the Ramadaan fast (iftar). The ingredients are wheat, lentils, lamb, spices and ghee and sprinkled with lemon juice and/or spicy masala to adjust flavor to the taste of the eater.

Haleem is also a traditional starter at Muslim weddings and other celebrations in Hyderabad.

Pallavi Racherla
Hyderabad - INDIA


I read with interest the short write up on Haleem by Pallavi. I wish you could have written more Pallavi. Being new to the city it is my first time experience to be having Haleem and since I live close to the Haleem centers (King Koti), I can say that Haleem is the gastroanatomical leap to Hyderabad culture for many reasons but mainly because it is an immensely high calorie food and one needs to be cautious about how much to take.

But this apart, it is a treat to watch the pride people feel in buying Haleem and bringing it home as if this can be the best gift possible for the day. The other day I read in DC that even Bolly wood stars such as Salman get their quota of Haleem from Hyderabad.

Best of haleeming!

Tabrez Nasar

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