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Hyderabad Cuisine - HyderabadPlanet.com Hyderabadi cuisine – slightly sour, hot and richly endowed with nuts and assorted spices and cooked in asli ghee – has to be enjoyed to be believed. Sometimes simple aids like slow cooking and dum help produce rich flavours.

The wealthy and leisured aristocracy of the erstwhile Nizam State as well as the long peaceful years of their dominance, contributed largely to the development of and devotion to, the culinary art.

Mealtime in a Hyderabadi home was not just a routine but a ritual, a time for celebration. A meal was the grand finale of a concerted taste to the well out spread of the day. No guest could leave a Hyderabadi home without sharing a meal with the family.

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NOTE: Below recipes are taken from my favorite recipe book "Dawat-E-Hyderabadi". So I recommend you to please visit your local book store or online website to order this little sweet recipe book. The authors of this recipe book are : Ayesha Begum & Niloufer.

Biryanis & Pulaos

Hyderabadi Cuisine - Biryanis & Pulaos - Along with the tandoori style of cooking, biryanis are the greatest export sensation of nawabi cuisine. From the delicate pulaos typical of northern India, to the richer, spicier preparations of the Deccan, there are a hundred ways to say it with rice – each one as distinctive as your own signature. Recipes

Chicken Dishes

Hyderabadi Cuisine - Chicken Dishes - Poultry, especially chicken, is extremely versatile and lends itself equally to being a starter, a side dish or the main course. The tenderness of the white meat poses a challenge to chefs and the key to cooking it well, lies in the subtlety with which it is flavoured. Recipes


Hyderabadi Cuisine - Kababs - Originally an import from Turkey and Central Asia, the now familiar kabab evolved into the food of true connoisseurs, in the kitchens of Avadh. Made with mince meat, in mouth-watering variety, kababs can be bite-sided or large, flat or round and can be roasted, grilled, fried or skewered. Recipes

Mutton Dishes

Hyderabadi Cuisine - Mutton Dishes - The essence of a well-cooked dish is that the end result is greater than the sum of all the ingredients that went into it. The separate elements of a recipe should ideally combine so as to make the dish distinctive, yet retain a touch of mystery. The diverse mutton dishes presented below will introduce you to a variety of tastes and flavours. Recipes


Hyderabad Cuisine - Seafood - Hyderabad being an inland area, river fish and prawns are mainly used. There is nothing limiting however, about the array of spices that go into these dishes. The neigbouring states have also influenced these fish preparations. From Andhra comes the addition of coconut; Tamilnadu contributes tamarind; Maharashtra provides the ubiquitous kadi patta, while khus khus is imported from the Konkan coast. Recipes

Vegetables & Lentils (Vegetarian Dishes)

Hyderabad Cuisine - Vegetable Dishes - The spices that are used in cooking these dishes tend to be dry. Their full-bodied flavour and aroma is brought out by using a method of slow cooking the dishes on dum (pressure). Traditionally the vessel used for cooking vegetables is a flat hundi, along with a flat spatula. Tamarind flowers and Rosella leaves are among, the distinctive yet typical ingredients used in these dishes. Recipes

Sweets & Desserts

Hyderabad Cuisine - Sweets & Desserts - The fine quality of Nawabi desserts can be brought out only by cooking them over a slow fire through the night. The sweets are best served the next day in earthenware vessels. Be they kheers, halwas or mithais, these delicacies to finish your meal, can be as rich or as light as your palate desires. Recipes

Visitors Submitted Recipes

Hyderabad Cuisine - Visitors Recipes - Below are the recipes which were sent by visitors of HyderabadPlanet.com website. I sincerely thanks them for their precious time and tasty recipe. Do drop few lines if you like their recipes. You too can submit your recipe by clicking here. Thanks in advance ;) Recipes

  • Bread Chaat - submitted by Ayesha Siddiqua (Sharjah, UAE)
  • DIP - submitted by Ayesha Siddiqua (Sharjah, UAE)
  • Egg Bread Upma Recipe - submitted by Aneesa Sanama(Hyderabad, India)

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