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Malakpet Race Course

Hyderabad Race Club also known as Malakpet Race Course is situated in Malakpet, at a distance of 3 Kms from Koti centre on the way to Vanastalipuram. It was started during the Nizam period at Malakpet suburb. It is over 100 years old.

This race-course is regarded as one of the top race courses in India, with a swimming pool for exercising horses, a training school for apprentice jockeys, etc. An annual event, Deccan derby is held here.

Arrangement & Facilities

Members Stand: The Members' Stand comprises 262 two-seater boxes and 800 open chairs for members and guests. A VIP enclosure has a capacity to seat around 600 guests.

Grand Stand: Conceptualized in 1989, Hyderabad Race Club's Rs. 70 million project was a dream-come-true in 1993. Hyderabad Race Club's Grand Stand at the first enclosure is the country's largest and most-modern and compares with the best anywhere across the world. The Grand Stand is a one-stop integrated affair comprising a 2-tier gallery with a chair strength of 5000 per tier making for a combined seating capacity of 10,000.

Stables: There are approximately 484 and 98 more temporary stables can be provided during the racing season. All permanent stables are provided either with room air-coolers or ceiling fans. For HRC horses, there are 40 permanent centrally air-cooled stables.

  • 344 Permanent
  • 305 Semi-permanent
  • 40 Centrally Air-cooled
  • 36 Saddling

There are 750 Stables in the premises. All the stables are spacious, airy, and well ventilated with lighting and ceiling fans for the comfort of horses.

Swimming Pool: The Hyderabad Race Club has, by far, one of the best Equine Swimming Pools in the country. The pool is horseshoe shaped with independent entry-exit zones. The pool, with a capacity of 3,00,195.3 gallons is 2.7432 meters deep, having three Filter Plants of capacity to Filter 50,000 ltrs., per hour.

A filtration plant keeps water in the pool clean and fresh. A salient feature of the pool is a scientifically designed ramp that gradually eases horses into the water. Widened sidewalls at the pool side eliminate any chance of injury to the horses.

Race Tracks: The racecourse at Malakpet is at a sharp right-handed tangent that can test the skills of the best of jockeys.

Considering Hyderabad's climatic conditions when rainfall is heavy during the monsoon and scant during winters, HRC has laid out two different race tracks (adjacent to each other) for the monsoon and winter seasons respectively.

The Monsoon Race Track is sand based and is used during the monsoon period between July and October is 75' or 22.90 meters wide while the track length is about 2250 meters. This track has a long stretch of about 550 meters straight ahead of the winning post.

The Winter Race Track is tan bark based and is used during the winter period between November and February is 70' or 21.4 meters wide while the track length is about 2150 meters.

Exercise Track: A 20' wide Sand-track on the outerside of the Monsoon Track is used for training. Also trainers are permitted to use the outer Monsoon and Winter Race Tracks twice a week during the respective racing seasons.

Allied facilities include a Reverse Sand Track of about 1000 meters, Bund Schools, Lungeing and Trotting Rings.

Training Facilities: On the outer side of the monsoon track, a 20' wide sand track is provided for training. Horses are also permitted to use the outer side of the respective race tracks twice a week during the season. In addition, other facilities include a reverse sand track of about 1000 meters bund school lunging and trotting rings and a well equipped modern swimming pool for horses.

History of Hyderabad Race Club

Hyderabad Race Club is over 100 years old. The first races were held here way back in 1879. The Grand Pavilion, built in 1879 is an eloquent testimony to Hyderabad's royalty, for special seats were arranged there for the sixth Nizam, an occasional visitor, and his nobles, in order of rank. Betting began in the early days and there was also a lottery.

When plague ravaged Hyderabad in 1898, horse-owners refused to send their steeds from stables in Bombay and Pune fearing the animals death. But things improved after a few years when a new race-course was opened in Secunderabad. Interestingly, racing was held for a few years at Maula Ali and Secunderabad season was swept into the pages of history.


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