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Each of the Hyderabad events is held at different times of the year. Some may overlap while others don’t. If you’re interested in learning more about a particular event, all you have to do is look at local Daily Newspapers. You could also check with friends or relatives that may have visited while the event was taking place.

Events in Hyderabad happens now and then. Monthly calendar is always full of events & concerts.

The Hyderabad events that interest you will depend on your interests. If you like shopping, fashion and theater, then you will like the events that center on those types of things. You may have trouble deciding which of the events to try first, since there are so many to choose from. But don’t despair. If you can’t make it to your first choice the first time around the good news is that it will come around again next year.

On this page I will show you monthly events which will take place in Hyderabad City. It is not possible for me to provide all events which take place, but I will try my level best to provide as much as I can.

So a best option is always to look with other sources like Local Newspapers & Magazines.

Some events may get postponed or cancel, better call them before you start from your home.

February 2011 Events

Parampara Series, Shreyashi International Dance Festival
February 16th - February 20th 2011
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