Hyderabad Amusement Parks

Full of Fun and Entertainment

Hyderabad Amusement Parks will certainly thrill and excite you with its huge range of wet and dry rides for the whole family. These Amusement Parks have rides for small kiddies and exciting ones for the grown ups.

If you are on the look out for something really thrilling and pleasurable then Amusement Parks are the place for you to be in. Parks promises you a great deal of enjoyment coupled with excitement.

Each ride is unique and will provide you with great moments of fun. One ride appears to be better than the other.

Hyderabad Amusement Parks

Jalavihar Water Park at Necklace Road, Hyderabad

Most of the Amusement Parks are located 10 – 15 km away from the city. But Jalavihar Water Park is in the center of city located at Necklace Road. This park is new and also small when compare to other parks, but attracting huge visitors.

Best Time...

Best time to visit water parks is during summer season, and for dry parks winter is the best.

Food and Restaurants...

When it’s time for chow, you will be spoilt for choice with the dazzling array of seafood, Indian, Western, and Chinese restaurants. Fast food, fancy restaurants, cool points, tea joints or snack outlets, you decide!


Parks in Hyderabad are perfect for a day's outing. They are well equipped with all the basic facilities and spending a day here will be no problem at all. There are eateries, changing rooms, and lockers within the parks.

T-shirts and shorts are available on rent, and they are must to wear before you enter into water pool.

Twisty and Twirly rides...

Hyderabad Amusement Parks are full of fun and entertainment that leaves your nerves wrecked. The twisty-twirly turns of the thrilling and exciting rides is difficult to describe in words and needs to be tried out to gain a unique experience.

If you are seeking for some splashing around then opt for the wet rides that may leave you utterly surprised. There are ample of exciting dry rides for the children as well as elders to have some time filled with fun and excitement.

If you love water then try the water rides but for those who are not particularly keen on splashing in the waters, go for the dry rides. Options are plenty at the Hyderabad Amusement Parks. It is sure to be an experience of a life time.


In addition to this, the presence of well trained lifeguards ensures safety for the visitors. In spite of all precautionary measures, it is always recommended that the tourists should carefully follow all the rules of the Parks in Hyderabad so that the fun and entertainment is not spoilt in any way.

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Jalavihar Water Park

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Ocean Park

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So just go and have a blast!
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