Getting Around Hyderabad City

Means of Transport

Getting around Hyderabad city is really easy by various local transports like Bus, Car, Auto rickshaw, Motorcycle & Train.

Like other Indian cities, Hyderabad suffers from traffic congestion. But now that we have new flyovers in the city, traffic congestions have reduced to an extent. To solve traffic congestion completely, there are several more flyovers under construction.

Outer ring road and inner ring road work is also under process. Various projects have been sanctioned for easy traffic flow.

Hyderabad Traffic near Charminar

Vehicles moving around Charminar, you can also see a Unani Hospital in this picture, just opposite to it is a Mecca Masjid (not in picture). I took this shot from top of the Charminar.

Ok... let's find out various options to move around Hyderabad city.


Getting around Hyderabad by Bus is very cheap.

Buses in Hyderabad are operated by APSRTC (Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation).

The APSRTC operates point to point bus services which connect all places within the Hyderabad city, with a very good frequency. This enables you to commute quickly between any two places within Hyderabad. There are currently 4000+ buses in the city running the point to point service.

You can board these buses from any place in Hyderabad. But you ought to know the timings to avoid being stranded.

Hyderabad Local Bus

Ordinary Bus on Hyderabad road

You will find various bus services like;

  • Ordinary Service
  • Veera
  • Metro Express

Veera and Metro express are luxury and semi-luxury services respectively, and have few stops between any two points in the city. This enables you to commute quickly between any two places within the city. Where as Ordinary service will stop on every bus-stop.

Board the Bus
When you see a bus approaching your stop, look at the destination sign above the front windshield to verify the route number, route name and destination.

If you want to board the bus, stand up. Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before boarding. If you're still unsure that you're boarding the correct bus, ask with driver or conductor, if this bus serves your destination.

Mostly entry and exit for ladies is from front door and for gents rear door. Front seats are allotted for ladies and back seats for gents.

Keep small change ready for ticket. Ticket conductor will charge you as per your destination and will provide you a ticket. Keep your ticket safely till you get off at your bus-stop.

Get off at your stop
Stay alert during your ride so that you know when your bus stop is approaching. If you're not sure where to get off the bus, ask the driver or conductor to call out your stop.

Auto rickshaw (Auto)

Auto rickshaws are considered the best options for short and long trips in Hyderabad city. An auto rickshaw is a yellow colored three-wheeled vehicle, usually referred to as "Auto". It has a canopy, a driver up front and seats for three (or sometimes more) passengers behind.

These three-wheeled vehicles, run by the meter, charge per kilometer. You can take auto rickshaw from airport, bus stands or railway stations. Even auto rickshaws are available in shopping markets and also on various places in and around the Hyderabad city.

Auto rickshaw is cheaper than a taxi and generally a better option for getting around Hyderabad.

Autorickshaw in Hyderabad City

Autorickshaw on the streets of Hyderabad city

For entertainment purpose driver (Auto-wallah) will play a music system with his favorite music tracks. Auto-wallahs flaunt their affection for film stars, cricket stars and political leaders by putting posters of them both on auto interiors and exteriors. The latest movie title of the auto-wallah's favorite movie star generally appears on the back of the auto.

By default meter will get start from Rs. 10/- and after some distance the meter will get roll with every 10 paise adding to it.

NOTE: Autorickshaw will charge extra as a "half-return" if you are riding in night hours after 10:00 pm. For example: If a meter shows Rs. 50/- then a half amount i.e. Rs. 25/- will be added, so the auto charge will be Rs. 75/- (50+25).

Many Autos will have space on backside of seat to keep your bags or belongings. So before leaving Auto take care of your belongings.


The other best option available for getting around Hyderabad city is the cars. In Hyderabad you can easily find both self and chauffeur-driven cars on rent.

If you’d prefer to rent through a car agency, head to any travel agency (Car Rentals) or ask your hotel. The typical cost for a day of sightseeing in a chauffeur-driven car, depending on distance and what sort of car it is, ranges from Rs. 600 to Rs. 1000.

Many Car Rental companies will provide efficient and luxurious vehicles for your convenience and comfort. Your transportation needs to and from the airport or the station, sightseeing, excursions within and around the city will also be taken care of.

Just call them and they will be at your door step.

You will find various car rentals in Hyderabad.
  • Premier Travels
  • Noori Travels
  • City Cabs
  • Orange Cabs
  • Hussain Travels
  • Cel Cabs
  • Cosy Cabs
  • Dot Cabs
  • V-Link Taxis
  • Hertz
  • Taxee
  • and the list goes on...


A new service known as MMTS (Multi Modal Transport System) has been introduced in Hyderabad. Daily, around 84 MMTS trains run up and down to provide services in the Hyderabad city. Around 75,000 people board the MMTS trains daily.

MMTS service connects various parts of the city with Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Lingampally and Falaknuma. This is the fastest service to reach your destination point. MMTS trains are always crowded.

Hyderabad is currently scheduled to get a Metro rail system to help ease urban congestion.

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