Too much disturbance in Hyderabad

By Connie, Atlanta, GA, USA

I'm here from the US and I was so looking forward to my trip. I've been here 2 weeks (arrived on 12/05/09) and I'm leaving on 12/19/09.

Because of the riots over the separation of the city, I have been going to work and hotel everyday. I have not been outside of the roads that lead from Novotel and The V office complex! I know this is important to the local people here (or to the students anyway) but I am disappointed that I have not been able to see the city because of this.

I was also told that people would come up to me and speak to me because they would be curious and ask questions. I haven't had anyone speak to me, but I do get many dirty looks and it makes me feel unwelcome.

Now I just want to finish the job I came here to do and go home!

Disappointed in Hyderabad experience so far! Hope I can shop before I have to leave and take a tour of some of the temples!

Atlanta, GA, USA

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