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Hyderabad City Lovers, Issue #001 -- teaser here
April 19, 2010


Hope you are doing well.

Summer in Hyderabad is really very HOT. I can feel the heat striking like a hammer on my head? Also I remember my sweat running down my neck and forehead few days before?

I just feel like being cooked in an oven?

Now to keep myself away from unbearable heat, I spend most of my time indoor and enjoying my favorite tracks on my iPod.

While listening to my music I just got an idea of "Review Contest" for visitors.

Yes, a contest where you can win a "Philips 2 GB MP3 Player" for writing a good review.

Contest started from: 16th April 2010 Last date to submit your review: 30th June 2010

You must be excited to know more about this contest, so visit this link and get more information:

Wishing you all the best.

Take Care Mohammed Zubair

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